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ACTORS/DIRECTORS: John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson, Uma Thurman, Tim Roth, Eric Stoltz, Bruce Willis, Ving Rhames with Director Quentin Tarantino.

Nothing less than a cultural phenomenon (Moviemaker Magazine), Quentin Tarantino’s PULP FICTION has been hailed by critics and audiences worldwide as a film that redefined cinema. Tarantino delivers an unforgettable cast of characters, including a pair of low-rent hit men (John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson), their boss’s sexy wife (Uma Thurman) and a desperate prizefighter (Bruce Willis) in a wildly entertaining and exhilarating blend of crime-thriller-drama-comedy that is completely original and entirely unforgettable. Nominated for 7 Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Director, PULP FICTION packs the punch like an adrenaline shot to the heart.


  • Genre: Crime, Drama, Trhiller
  • Feature Run Time: 154
  • Format: Blu-ray plus Ultra Violet copy


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