You might be a fan of There Will Be Blood, No Country for Old Men, The English Patient or Trainspotting. Maybe your favorite film is Amélie, Pulp Fiction, Good Will Hunting, Chicago or Gangs of New York. We know many of you love The Station Agent, Life is Beautiful, Paid in Full, and Clerks. Others favor Spy Kids, Garden State, Ella Enchanted and City of God. Whichever film is your favorite, we're very proud of our unique, award winning films and we love sharing all of them with our enthusiastic fans. You are a part of a large community that means a lot to us and this weekend we reached 50 million fans, combined from 115 of our film's Facebook pages. So, from all of us at Miramax to all of you, all over the world - danke, merci, kiitos, toda, grazie, efharisto, arigato, dziekuje, obrigado, spasibo, gracias, asante, tesekkür ederim...thank you. This video is for you.

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