Ben Affleck recently sat down for an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, just ahead of the theatrical release of his new film, Argo. Affleck, 40, spent much of the interview discussing the long, winding trajectory his career has taken, addressing his high and low points with equal candor. Now, with Affleck once again under the spotlight and with Argo already garnering plenty of Oscar buzz, Affleck seems to have finally found peace of mind, both artistically and personally:

"I made the decision: 'I'm never, ever, ever going to do anything where I don't absolutely kill myself to get it right,' " he recalls.

Vanished is the man who dwelt on his deep insecurity when he and this reporter last sat down about five years ago. During that conversation, he admitted the Gone Baby Gone shoot had left him physically sick from stress. "I'm very insecure," he said. "I'm human, just like anybody else."

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