Tomorrow night, Christoph Waltz hosts Saturday Night Live for the first time. He's making the rounds pre-Oscars for his nominated performance in Django Unchained. Waltz took home the Golden Globe for Django last month and his SNL face-time could possibly sway the last minute undecided Oscar voters whose votes are due three days later.

If Waltz were to win come Oscar Sunday, it would be a Quentin Tarantino two for two, as he also took home the statue for Inglourious Basterds. Read our earlier post on Waltz's success working with Tarantino here.

Pop Sugar interviewed Waltz after he won the Golden Globe this year and asked him about Django.

Biggest challenge:

Well, you know, riding the horse wasn't the challenge -- getting off was. But I'm OK.

The slavery message:

I learn something from everything I do. What you don't know, you have to find out. That's the valuable aspect to preparing for a part. Did I learn something? Absolutely, I found out this problem, which is still a problem, is still alive in the minds and heads of people of America. I thought it was as historical as it was for me.

Favorite scene:

There's a favorite scene almost every other minute. It depends on for what: My favorite romantic scene is with Kerry [Washington]. My favorite action scene is when I have to jump off the horse. The favorite ending is when Jamie [Foxx] does this wonderful dressage. The whole movie is full of favorite scenes.


If you choose a controversial subject, you better be ready for a controversial reaction. I think more movies should be that way.

Waltz also recently appeared on Jimmy Kimmel for Valentine's Day, so if your date last night didn't go as planned, perhaps you can take some tips from his 'Art of Seduction' commercial.

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Watch Waltz's SNL Promo's here.