Kevin Smith, Creator of the Clerks franchise, has been teasing fans with Clerks III news for some time now. First he felt it could be a fun Broadway run. Not so fast. He then mulled over a possible web series idea. No wait, it will definitely be a film. That's the last we heard until very recently, Smith proclaimed on What's Trending that it will now start as a book. Smith says he'll release the book chapter by chapter and it will be shaped by the audience's interactiveness.

I'm a new media artist, and a new media artist involves the audience...that's something I've been doing for nearly 20 years at this point anyway. [I could] go inside the characters' heads, tell Year One origin stories where the first chapter is Dante and Randall meeting in kindergarten, all the stuff I can't do in a movie.

The book allows for more creativity but Smith acknowledges, at some point, it will most likely be a film because that's where the money is.

You're always struggling between your commerce and your art when you're one of these people getting paid for your art and you can't bitch about it because it's a great struggle and a good problem to have. But sometimes there's a pull to do it the way you want it - wild and free.

Smith does encourage having a business model and structure while pursuing any artistic passion and encourages other filmmakers to do the same.

Build what you love. Dream, do it and then figure out how to monetize it.

Watch the full interview with Smith, starting around the 13:00 mark.

Since Smith's all about being interactive with his fans, let him know your thoughts on what you'd like him to do with Clerks III.

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