Mai Iskander

Meet Sundance 2014 Artist: Mai Iskander

This year's Sundance documentaries include high profile docs like Life Itself, about film critic Roger Ebert, Mitt about, yes, presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, The Case […]
Jan 22, 2014 /

Guest Blogger: Steve Yager

DIY. Apply it to anything. Get things done and stop waiting for the "right time". There is no "right time" and today's guest blogger, filmmaker, […]
Nov 20, 2013 /

Guest Blogger: Jeff Grace

Aspiring actor/comedian/filmmaker moves to LA to make it big but building a successful film career is damn hard and aspiring actor/comedian/filmmaker works for years before […]
Nov 6, 2013 /
sunday and plainview

Guest Blogger: Vashti Anderson

Films introduce us to subjects, stories and places that we might not otherwise experience in our every day lives. Films enable us to try on […]
Oct 23, 2013 /
Josey Bunny

Guest Blogger: Jon Matthews

Has a movie changed your life? They can challenge or influence your views but does any one particular movie stand out as an event that […]
Oct 9, 2013 /

Guest Blogger: Simon Savory

Great films can entertain, engage and change your world view. A powerful story in the hands of a skilled director can display social issues that […]
Oct 2, 2013 /

Guest Blogger: PLAN B Filmmaker Sarah-Rose Meredith

The most groundbreaking independent films challenge conventions and push the boundaries of what movies can be. Today's guest blogger, filmmaker Sarah-Rose Meredith, recalls the first […]
Aug 22, 2013 /

Guest Blogger: Zach Clark

Douglas Sirk, Written on the Wind (1956) Douglas Sirk was the master of 1950s Hollywood melodrama. While highly commercially successful, his films were panned by critics […]
Aug 15, 2013 /
_MG_5888 BW

Guest Blogger: Eve Studnicka

Trylon Theatre, New York, 1976 - photo by Hiroshi Sugimoto Escapism. This is the word used by many filmgoers, going way back to the Great Depression […]
Jul 31, 2013 /

Guest Blogger: Kimberly Parker

From a distance, a career in film looks romantic to some and futile to others. It's an industry where awards, celebrities, fame and fortune surround […]
Jul 24, 2013 /

Guest Blogger: John Sanvidge

The above still is from the documentary, Finding Seoul. The film is from today's guest blogger, John Sanvidge. Finding Seoul follows Sanvidge as he attempts […]
Jul 17, 2013 /

Guest Blogger: Rashaad Ernesto Green

If you've been following film news recently, you know that Steven Spielberg and George Lucas think the movie industry is taking a nosedive. Here's a […]
Jul 10, 2013 /
Pollywogs-on-the-edge-sm (1)

Guest Blogger: Co-director T. Arthur Cottam

Our guest blogger today is the co-director of the Los Angeles Film Festival feature Pollywogs, T. Arthur Cottam. The film is about confronting intimacy when […]
Jun 19, 2013 /
Todd B

Guest Blogger: Cinematographer Todd Banhazl

Cinematographer, Todd Banhazl is our guest blogger today, representing the feature film Four Dogs now playing at the Los Angeles Film Festival. Banhazl lives and […]
Jun 17, 2013 /

Guest Blogger: Filmmaker Jaclyn Gramigna

Often, a filmmaker's career is kick-started by a short film. Quentin Tarantino made My Best Friend's Birthday, Martin Scorsese made What's a Nice Girl Like […]
May 23, 2013 /

Guest Blogger: Filmmaker Martin Snyder

Miramax has worked with many first-time filmmakers, including Todd Field [In the Bedroom], Tom McCarthy [The Station Agent], Jim Sheridan [My Left Foot], Kevin Smith […]
May 7, 2013 /

Meet Sundance composer - Rob Simonsen

Rob Simonsen is the composer on two Sundance features, The Way, Way Back, starring Steve Carell and Sam Rockwell and The Spectacular Now, starring Shailene […]
Jan 28, 2013 /

Meet Sundance DP - Rachel Morrison

Rachel Morrison is the Director of Photography on Sundance feature, Fruitvale, which is playing in the U.S. Dramatic Competition section at this year’s fest. Michael […]
Jan 26, 2013 /

Meet Sundance filmmaker - Yen Tan

Yen Tan is the writer/director of Sundance feature, Pit Stop, which is playing in the NEXT section at this year's festival. Bill Heck, Marcus DeAnda […]
Jan 25, 2013 /

Meet Sundance producer - Matthew R. Brady

Matthew R. Brady is the producer of Sundance feature, Emanuel and the Truth About Fishes, which is playing in the U.S. Dramatic Competition section at […]
Jan 24, 2013 /

Meet Sundance producer - Milan Chakraborty

Milan Chakraborty is one of the producers of the Sundance feature, The Lifeguard. The film is playing in the U.S. Dramatic competition and stars Kristen Bell. Here's […]
Jan 23, 2013 /

Meet Sundance editor - Terel Gibson

Terel Gibson is the editor of Toy's House which is playing in the U.S. Dramatic Competition section at this year’s fest. Here's the synopsis: Joe Toy, on the verge of […]
Jan 22, 2013 /