Meet Sundance producer - Matthew R. Brady

Matthew R. Brady is the producer of Sundance feature, Emanuel and the Truth About Fishes, which is playing in the U.S. Dramatic Competition section at […]
Jan 24, 2013 /

Meet Sundance producer - Milan Chakraborty

Milan Chakraborty is one of the producers of the Sundance feature, The Lifeguard. The film is playing in the U.S. Dramatic competition and stars Kristen Bell. Here's […]
Jan 23, 2013 /

Meet Sundance editor - Terel Gibson

Terel Gibson is the editor of Toy's House which is playing in the U.S. Dramatic Competition section at this year’s fest. Here's the synopsis: Joe Toy, on the verge of […]
Jan 22, 2013 /

Meet Sundance screenwriter - Darci Picoult

Darci Picoult is the screenwriter for the Sundance feature, Mother of George which is playing in the U.S. Dramatic Competition section at this year's fest. Here's the synopsis: At […]
Jan 21, 2013 /

Meet Sundance filmmaker - Simon Barrett

And now, from the Park City at Midnight section, we bring you Simon Barrett -  writer/director/executive producer of the feature film S-VHS. Sundance describes the […]
Jan 20, 2013 /
concussion_feature (2)

Meet Sundance DP - David Kruta

Next up in our Guest Blogger Series from Sundance is Director of Photography, David Kruta. Kruta's film, Concussion is in the U.S. Dramatic Competition section, […]
Jan 19, 2013 /

Meet Sundance filmmaker - Chad Hartigan

It's that time again -  when the film industry's eyes are on the awards shows and the Sundance Film Festival.  What films will be the talk […]
Jan 17, 2013 /