Gerard Butler would like to spend the night with you. His new film Olympus has Fallen opens in theaters everywhere tonight and looks to be quite the thriller and is reportedly way more violent than the trailer suggests.

Gerard Butler stars as disgraced former Presidential guard Mike Banning, who finds himself trapped within the White House after a foreign invasion has destroyed much of the capitol.

This role takes Butler in quite a different direction from some of his recent rom-com films so if you're in the mood for something sweeter, check him out in Dear Frankie, a film the top critics called "a small movie with a big soul" and "a little gem of a film."


To spare the feelings of her fatherless boy, Lizzie secretly authors letters from his "father" that detail seafaring adventures from around the world. But she cannot maintain this illusion forever. Torn between exposing the truth and protecting her son, Lizzie gets more than she bargained for when she hires a handsome stranger to play the role of a lifetime.

Butler sat down with after the film's release to talk about the reason he signed on.

To start off with it was a beautiful script and I just found it so gorgeously crafted. And I found the story so unusual and fresh and original. I found it moving whilst also being funny. It was full of twists. It was sweet and yet melancholy and uplifting. It was so many things and told to me in a very different style of storytelling.

It was a passion project for so many people and to see it come and be a movie, and to see the reaction that it had and has had all around the world at all these different festivals from so many people, for them to be so kind of profoundly affected by it and feel so strongly about it, it has just been great. For all the more reason because it's just a little movie. But it's something in a way that you feel you helped discover.

If you missed it in theaters, revisit it on DVD or Digital Download.