Warner Bros. "Argo" Premiere At 2012 Toronto International Film Festival
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These guys! Good Will Hunting creators are offering you a chance to hang out with them for just $10. All proceeds go to the Eastern Congo Initiative and Water.org via Omaze. Here's what you get.

You and your best friend will be flown to Los Angeles to go out with Ben and Matt to a super secret, super cool, Hollywood event. You'll be rubbing elbows with other fancy celebs and athletes as Ben and Matt's VIP guests, and so much more. It'll basically be the most legendary best friend double date in history.

You'll learn what it's like to act, write, grow up in Boston, play poker, vacation, get named Sexiest Man Alive, win Oscars and be epic... all with your best friend.

Here's what your new best friends have to say about it.

It's great to be working with Matt again. It was a little awkward after he didn't get the Robin role, so we couldn't be more excited.

Yeah that was tough, but I still have the costume from my audition, so I'm hoping I can wear it when we meet the winners.

Enter by February 18th for your chance to win.


They are also Executive Producing two new shows together, a crime drama on FX called The Middle Man and a comedy pilot CBS picked up, called More Time With The Family.

And how about this? Harvey Weinstein hopes to reunite the two in a new movie, A Speck in the Sea, a real-life maritime survival story about...

Lobsterman John Al­dridge, 45, fell into the Atlantic 40 miles off Montauk last July while the boat was on autopilot and his partner Anthony Sosinski was asleep. He used his rubber boots as flotation devices while lost for 12 hours at sea before he was rescued.

So while you are eagerly awaiting Affleck's Batman and crossing your fingers that you'll go on a double date with the Boston boys - go see Damon in his new film The Monuments Men, watch a bunch of Damon-Affleck clips below, read Matt Damon's AMA from Reddit this morning and watch Damon on Jimmy Kimmel tonight. Now you're as busy as 'these guys'!

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A Speck in the Sea via Page Six