Ip Man (pronounced YEEP-mun in Cantonese) is a legendary Wing Chun kung fu grandmaster. He trained a number of notable martial artists, including his most famous student, Bruce Lee. Now he is the subject of a slick new film by Wong Kar-wai based on his life. The film has the Martin Scorsese stamp of approval, so our expectations are high.

The Grandmaster stars Tony Leung and Ziyi Zhang. Both actors also shared screen time in Hero. Check out some clips below.

Fight choreography in The Grandmaster is staged by Yuen Woo-Ping, also known for his work on Kill Bill, The Matrix and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Watch three Woo-Ping fight scenes below and keep an eye out for his moves in The Grandmaster.

The Grandmaster hits theaters in Los Angeles and New York this weekend. Can't wait? Watch Hero now on Blu-ray, DVD or digital.

[h/t NPR]