Welcome to the weekend everyone. Not sure what to do, what to watch or what to know? We're here for you.

First, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are now accepting submissions for the new version of Project Greenlight on HBO. Hurry - there are only eight more days to submit your short film! Not a filmmaker? Pass this on to the emerging filmmakers in your life - it could change theirs.

Save Kodak! That's what Quentin Tarantino, Judd Apatow, J.J. Abrams and other filmmakers hope to do as they join forces to save celluloid. At this year's Cannes International Film Festival, Tarantino passionately defended film and encouraged younger filmmakers to embrace the technical evolution of digital filmmaking but declared, "The death of 35mm is the death of cinema."

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Kodak's motion-picture film sales have fallen 96 percent since 2006, from 12.4 billion linear feet to an estimated 449 million. Fujifilm Crop. left the business last year, and Kodak is the only major company left producing the product.

How much does QT love film? So much that he will shoot his next feature, The Hateful Eight in beautiful 70mm or as Tarantino writes in the opening sequence of the epic script, "in glorious 70mm CinemaScope". At last weekend's Comic-Con in San Diego, Tarantino told press and fans that the much talked about western would indeed start shooting in 2015. In fact, an official poster has even been released. If you missed our coverage of his Hateful Eight staged reading with his dream cast most likely taking the roles to the big screen, get caught up here.

hateful 8 poster

On TV, Robert Rodriguez hosted the second episode of The Director's Chair on his El Rey Network, featuring filmmaker, Guillermo del Toro. Rodriguez doesn't seem to be busy enough launching a network, premiering season one of his new series From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series and Matador while prepping for FTDT season two and previewing a hot new trailer for Sin City: A Dame to Kill For at Comic-Con, that he decided to sit down with some of the best directors in the world to discuss their craft. Here's a snippet from del Toro's interview.

On the next The Director's Chair, Rodriguez explores the world of cinema with Tarantino. Airing in two installments, the two discuss Tarantino's film career through the lens of their 20-year friendship, using never-before-seen personal footage to discuss topics from screenwriting and camera placement to Spaghetti Westerns and Kung Fu. The Director's Chair with Quentin Tarantino Vol. 1 premieres Wednesday, August 13, 9 PM ET/PT & Vol. 2 on Wednesday, August 27, 9 PM ET/PT. | via El Rey.

Kevin Smith at Comic-Con: San Diego 2014 premiering the trailer for TUSK
Speaking of Comic-Con, it's been a great week for comic, movie, and science fiction fans. As usual, the mega convention was a huge success. Fans took over Exhibit Hall, conquered the lines at Hall H and attended over 600 panels and events over the four-day event in San Diego including a fantastic evening with one of our favorites, Kevin Smith. Read all about it here.

What better way to follow up these festivities than to release the highly anticipated Guardians of the Galaxy, which has already broken box office records, opening in theaters last night. Early talk from critics and fans are calling this one of the best comic book movies ever...EVER.

But, if you don't want to brave the lines at the theater this weekend - stay in your lovely air conditioned home and stream some classics inspired by today's ITN talent, including Sin City, Pulp Fiction, and Good Will Hunting or watch the trailer for From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series to get a taste of the full season premiering on Netflix in the U.S. on August 19. Have a great weekend!