Open Culture has uncovered a collection of vintage commercials starring a slew of young celebrities, including two actors who have their fingerprints all over the Miramax Library -- Robert DeNiro, and John Travolta.  Up first is DeNiro, who, in an ad for the American Motors Corporation, plays a New York-Italian archetype that would become rather familiar over the course of his career. The spot originally aired in 1969 -- four years before the actor landed his first major role, in Martin Scorcese's Mean Streets. Travolta, meanwhile, comes in at around the 3'07 mark, with an ad for the US Army. That commercial aired in 1973, four years before Saturday Night Fever, and about two decades before Pulp Fiction.

You can watch both commercials in the above clip, which also features ads from Dustin Hoffman, Farrah Fawcett, Kim Basinger, Lindsay Wagner, and Cybill Shepherd.

//via OpenCulture