A new trailer was just released for The Lone Ranger and we couldn't help but compare it to a clip from Jim Jarmusch's Dead Man. Even Screen Rant commented on it.

[Gore] Verbinski, during an interview with USA Today, described Tonto as "an odd-shaman, an outcast from his own tribe, who has created his own mystical world." That description recalls "Nobody" (Gary Farmer), another unusual American Indian with his own spiritual beliefs, who traveled with Depp's meek accountant William Blake in the Jim Jarmusch film Dead Man.

Watch the trailer for Ranger and a clip from Dead Man.

Both westerns also include soundtracks by rock-stars. Jack White is behind Lone Ranger while Neil Young composed the guitar-heavy music for Dead Man.

The Lone Ranger hits theaters July 3 and Dead Man is available to watch now on DVD and Blu-ray.