Nearly 20 years after releasing Clerks, and just six years after its sequel, Kevin Smith is now setting his sights on a third installment -- for Broadway. Smith confirmed his aspirations in an interview with Entertainment Weekly this week, explaining that he was inspired to bring Clerks III to the stage after seeing the play Seminar. The director is still "in talks," and must still find a way to reel in the notoriously evasive Jeff Anderson, though he seems confident he can put together a stage production by 2014 -- just in time for Clerks' 20th anniversary.  Speaking to EW's Jeff Labrecque, Smith gave some insight into how he plans to bring his slacker hit to the stage:

I'll make it as painless as I can: a six month run that culminates with a one-night performance we broadcast into movie theaters -- like we did with Live From Behind a few months back. So ultimately, anyone who can't make it to Broadway to see the show can go to the movie theater the night we stream the production and see if for like 20 bucks. The hardest part for me won't be making it happen; the hardest part at this point, for me, will be standing on a stage for two hours and not talking.

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