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Bet comic book aficionado, Kevin Smith never anticipated his long-time friend and early collaborator, Ben Affleck to one day be cast as Batman. Almost 20 years after working together on Mallrats and Chasing Amy, Affleck will take the next turn at playing one of the most beloved comic book characters of all-time - no pressure. Old news, Affleck is completely aware of your disapproval of him wearing the next Batsuit and is over it, so moving on...

About that Batsuit. Kevin Smith apparently got a first look from the film's director Zack Snyder - here's what he had to say.

I went glassy-eyed and weak in the knees. I saw the Batman costume. More than that, I saw a picture of [Affleck] in the costume. Now I don't want to give anything away, because that's up to them and stuff, but I'm going to say this - I instantly bear hugged him [Snyder].

His giddiness continued.

You have not seen this costume, in a movie, on film before. And for a comic book fan, it was mind-bending. I was like 'Get out of here, only you have enough power to pull this off'. Because every other movie does this Matrix-y, X-Men black armour thing, there wasn't a single nipple on this f***in' suit, man. It was fantastic.

Still a skeptic? Still indifferent? Here's what Smith has to say about that.

I think you'll be happy, everyone will be like, 'Holy s**t'. It's its own thing; we haven't been down this path at all. Even the hardest core 'frick this movie' person will be like 'alright, I'm ready.'

We want to hear from you. Let's speculate what the nipple-free, mind-bending bat costume could possibly look like in the comments below. Anyone thinking Adam West?

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| via The New Zealand Herald