Movie Galaxies, at its most basic level, is a site devoted to social networking, though not in the sense you may think. Founded last year by Jermain Kaminski and Michael Schober, the site offers a vast collection of infographics that map out character interactions for any given movie. To create each graph, Kaminski and Schober analyze a film's script and quantitatively assess each character's involvement in its plot. (The process is in fact much more complicated; read more about it here.) The more prominent the character, the larger his or her graphic representation, as demonstrated in the above graph, from Pulp Fiction.

It's an interesting way to visualize the contours of a single film's narrative, but things really get interesting once you start making comparisons. Below is a sampling of some Miramax films on display at Movie Galaxies (click the image for the full-sized, interactive version).

Good Will Hunting




Kill Bill: Vol. 1




Cinema Paradiso


Bad Santa


Jackie Brown

Correction: An earlier version of this post incorrectly included a graphic for the film Amelie. That graphic, in fact, was for a 2001 film called Amelia. We apologize for this error, and have updated this post accordingly. 

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