Long before Scream made her a household name, Neve Campbell was just another young actress looking for her big break. She landed her first big screen role in Craft, which hit theaters in 1996. Prior to that, she appeared in several TV movies and series, and even did a few commercials, as well. The first, embedded above, aired in 1990 when Campbell was barely out of high school. It's a spot for Eaton's, a Canadian department store, and is widely regarded as Campbell's first ever TV appearance.

The second, embedded below, is perhaps better known. Here, the young actress appears in a 1991 Coca-Cola ad with singer Bryan Adams, who had just released an album titled Waking Up the Neighbours. Titled "Waking Up the Nation," the commercial aired in promotion of Adams' 1991-1992 concert tour, though in retrospect, Campbell is the one who shines brightest.