Director Pedro Almodóvar's film, I'm So Excited is set to open this year's Los Angeles Film Festival on June 13. David Ansen, the festival's director stated in his press release that, "for four decades he's amazed us with movies that are funny and dangerous, lovable and challenging, subversive, and wildly inventive. It's a privilege and pleasure to present his latest comic treasure as our opening night film."

I'm So Excited is the story of a varied group of people in a precarious situation aboard a plane flying to Mexico City: a technical failure has endangered the lives of the passengers on Peninsula Flight 2549. Their defenselessness in the face of danger provokes a general catharsis among the passengers and the crew. This catharsis, developed in the tone of a riotous, moral comedy, fills the time with sensational confessions that help them forget the anguish of the moment.

In an interview with Picture House, Almodóvar talks about getting back to "the crazy comedy tone from which I had moved away recently". Almodóvar's recent films have been on the darker side so many fans will be happy to see him get back to a lighter fare.

I began writing the script as a comic whim. I've tried to set reality aside, although at times reality sneaks in without you realizing. The challenge for my 'passengers', is that they have to struggle with their anxiety, their fears and their ghosts without the help of technology - something that's hard to imagine today. They are naked without their iPhones and iPads, condemned to be themselves, surrounded by strangers. Apart from reading, the weapon of those trapped in a single space is words - words for relating to each other, letting off steam, lying, lying to themselves, admitting that they've lied to themselves, seducing and being seduced, fighting against fear, loneliness and the idea of death.

Almodóvar is one of Europe's most accomplished directors, directing 21 features in the last 30 years. His 1990 hit, Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!, was listed as one of the 25 Best Foreign Movies Streaming on Netflix and I'm So Excited is on many lists as one of the most anticipated films this year.