Thank you for introducing us to *Scotty J., Brandt, Rusty, Phil Parma, Freddie Miles, Lester Bangs, Dean Trumbell, Jacob Elinsky, Dan Mahowny, Reverend Veasey, Truman Capote, Owen Davian, Jon Savage, Andy, Gust Avrakotos, Caden Cotard, Father Brendan Flynn, The Count, Jack, Paul Zara, Art Howe, Lancaster Dodd, Robert Gelbart, Plutarch Heavensbee, Günther Bachmann...and so many more - you will be missed.


Watch Hoffman in clips from Doubt, A Most Wanted Man, Almost Famous, The Master, Flawless, Jack Goes Boating and Capote.

*Photo credits: The Hunger Games: Lionsgate, The Master: The Weinstein Company, Moneyball: Columbia Pictures, The Ides of March: Columbia Pictures, Jack Goes Boating: Overture Films, Pirate Radio: Focus Features, Synecdoche, New York: Sony Pictures Classics, Charlie Wilson's War: Universal Pictures, Before the Devil Knows You're Dead: Think Film, The Savages: Fox Searchlight, Mission: Impossible III: Paramount Pictures, Capote: MGM, Owning Mahowny: Sony Pictures Classics, Punch-Drunk Love: Columbia Pictures, Almost Famous: Columbia Pictures, Magnolia: New Line Cinema, Flawless: MGM, The Big Lebowski: Gramercy Pictures, Boogie Nights: New Line Cinema