ArtistNoah Daniel Smithhas created a remarkably detailed infographic that maps out the entire plot of Pulp chronological order. Smith's graphic is peppered with icons and relevant quotes, with each event pinned to its exact minute mark in the film. The artist explained his project thusly:

The goal was to create an infographic that explains the plot of Pulp Fiction along with every character involved. I decided to map out theinfographic in chronological ordermainly because it made more sense visually this way.


UPDATE (June 20): Smith has now set up a Kickstarter page to help print and distribute his Pulp infographic. Here's how he describes the project:

Once it started to circulate the internet, I began receiving many emails from people asking if they could buy it as a poster. Unfortunately, I had to reply and basically say, "Sorry, I cant do this on my own." So, this is why I have decided to create a Kickstarter project for it.

The posters will be 24" X 36" and printed full color on 100 lb Gloss Book with Aqueous Coatingin Chicago viaThreadbird. The amount I'm asking for covers the set-up and printing cost for 200 copies of the poster out of 500 total. It will also cover the cost of me mailing/packaging each poster.

This project is really just a way for anyone who would like to pre-order the poster. Shipping is included in the cost.Once I reach this goal, I will still have 300 copies left of the poster so buy as many as you would like and tell your friends!

To donate to Smith's Kickstarter, click here.