Is your Olympics experience in need of some sass? A little extra pizzazz between pole vaults and water polo? Look no further than Samuel L. Jackson's Twitter feed. ThePulp Fiction star has been tweeting like an absolute maniac since last week'sopening ceremony, unleashing a torrent of commentary and profanity-peppered witticisms that only he can deliver.Here's a sampling of his greatest hits thus far:

Mmmmmmm, Grudge Swim comin up! Izzat gangster?

OK, there were some real fashion fuckups in that parade of nations! Some I understand, others..

Awrite, who knows the rules in this Handball shit?! Its fast & furious though!

Woke up to 16 yr old Ariel Hsing dusting ass in Ping Pong for USA!! btw, when did BB gun become an Olympic sport?

Dope Ass start for the women gymnasts! Feeling good about our chances! These judgement sports are sketchy@ best!

Homie SAT DOWN on the horse! For realsthey look scared!

Shiiiiiiiiit! Whassup w/ the Short Pool?!

GURL GUNZ!! These lil chick weightlifters are AHHFUKYYNMAZEN!!

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//viaVanity Fair