Two new Gucci ads are on the market, both directed by Sin City helmer, Frank Miller. The ads showcase his trademark visual aesthetics.

The ads have many fans eagerly awaiting more of the gritty, stylized storytelling Miller and filmmaker Robert Rodrieguez created in the first Sin. MTV spoke with Rodriguez about finally bringing Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, to the big screen.

It was a process to get it there, but then when it happens, you realize it's perfect timing. We had a great cast, and it keeps getting better by the day. It's a fun movie people still have an appetite for. Whenever I go anywhere, that's what I always get asked: 'When are you going to do another "Sin City"?' and it's been years. It's amazing that it's still that popular with people.

It's an incredible world that Frank Miller created, with such a cast of characters throughout the books that intertwine and that's why I loved the books for 10 years before I made the movie. I loved how one character would show up in another character's story and how all the stories would intertwine, prequels, sequels, back and forward in time, and to get to do that in a movie and put these people together and to see Frank respond to something he sat in a room drawing years and years ago, to see the performer step in in costume and have come from his imagination and to see him just smile really big, that's the best gratification you can get, to watch him see it come to life.

As for those ads, Miller talks about the making of them on the Gucci website.

We know these characters now and what together they are capable of doing and of being. We all think of this as a mini-movie, with this our latest episode of the storyline. The color scheme is stark: green and red light, against which our mavericks' eyes - and intentions - of our protagonist smoulder like coals.

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For will be in theaters this October and Sin City is now available on DVD, Blu-ray and Digital Download.