With last night's finale and the drama that went down last Sunday, Game of Thrones has everybody talking. If you didn't watch one of the most talked about episodes in recent TV history, neither has one of the stars, Peter Dinklage - "I don't watch the show...I mean, I don't have HBO." Dinklage plays the emotionally and physically scarred Tyrion Lannister on GOT and although many people will base their recognition of him from this role, he's been acting in film and theater for many years. NPR spoke with Dinklage about the work he wants and the work he takes.

Dinklage spent his early career in New York -- in an unheated apartment -- turning down roles that would have made a joke of his height. He says he's tried to find roles that upend the stereotypes given to actors of his height, appearing as a pugnacious children's author in Elf and as a man grieving the loss of a friend in his breakout role in The Station Agent. But Dinklage says he's not always been successful.

You do have to make a living, I do not fault anyone else who makes choices to play characters that they wished they hadn't. ...because at the end of the day, none of us are happy with our jobs all the time. I think 'no' is a very powerful word in our business, that is very hard to use early on in your career. But I also think I was pretty arrogant when I was younger...I used that word maybe too much, but it did help me with finding roles that I did like. The leads are often the boring part. Maybe I'll have to take that back. I like playing the guy on the sidelines. They have more fun.

Read more about Dinklage here and watch him in clips from The Station Agent, pre-GOT, Emmy and Golden Globe awards. This guy has always been a star.

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