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Part of the genius in a Quentin Tarantino movie is the casting. Can you imagine a different Jules or Vincent - a better Bride than Uma? Close your eyes, hear 'Stuck in the Middle With You' and picture anyone other than Michael Madsen cutting off that poor cop's ear. David Carradine and Pam Grier = brilliance and the discovery of Christoph Waltz is worth gold - Oscar gold x 2. So, while we eagerly await Tarantino's next film - it goes with the territory to also eagerly await his new cast. What Culture posed the question and offered up their own suggestions on who should team up with QT next. Here's their list.

7. Robert Downey, Jr. - a great sense of humor, terrific comedic timing and bleeds charisma.
6. Christian Bale - chameleon-like ability to disappear into his roles is his strongest attribute.
5. George Clooney - shown hes able to handle oddball and dark humor.
4. Johnny Depp - could certainly use a career resurgence from an artistic perspective.
3. Jennifer Lawrence - Tarantinos dialogue would flow off her tongue naturally.
2. Matt Damon - wouldnt look out of place shooting guns and beating people up.

1. Elijah Wood - hes got the creepy factor.

Some more thoughts on the topic. For one, how about some more ladies. Here's our list.

Angela Bassett - a stong, commanding presence and once upon a time, Oscar nominee. Watch her in a scene from Music of the Heart.

Amy Ryan - a versatile, interesting character actor with major acting chops. Watch her in a scene from Gone Baby Gone.

Cate Blanchett - a force to be reckoned with - Cate the chameleon can do anything. Watch her in a scene from The Shipping News.

Wesley Snipes - he just finished his tax evasion sentence and will need this kind of a comeback. Watch him in this scene from Undisputed.

Daniel Day-Lewis - the combo of these two might make the world explode. Watch DDL in Gangs of New York.

Casting a theoretical QT film blindly, tell us who you'd like to see QT pair up with in the future.

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