Late last year, Terry Gilliam's daughter began rummaging through her father's trove of old artwork, uncovering countless illustrations, cartoons, and storyboards he designed over the past few decades. Somewhere along the way, Holly Gilliam decided to share her project with the rest of the world, and created a blog called Discovering Dad, where she regularly publishes some of her most fascinating discoveries.

Here's how the younger Gilliam described the inspiration behind her endeavor:

In October 2011 I took on the mamouth [sic] task of organising my father's archive - all his work from pre-Python days, as a cartoonist, photojournalist & assistnat [sic] editor for Help! magazine, through all his original artwork and cut-outs for Python animation, posters, logos and generally everything Python, to his storyboards, designs and sketches for his feature films and other non-film related projects (including his opera of "Faust" and that infamous Nike commercial). Why!? Because I have been lucky enough to be surrounded by my father's amazing work all my life and I think it should be seen by everyone so I am organising the archive so it can eventually be put in a book and an exhibition. Along the (dusty) way I have uncovered absolute gems. I have set up this blog to share my journey and some of the "gems" I find along the way... Enjoy.

Holly only began publishing her father's art earlier this month, but has already released a slew of tantalizing photographs, including a shot of the original script for Monty Python's The Meaning of Life (below).

You can follow Holly Gilliam's ongoing excavation here.

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