It was 1992 - Reservoir Dogs premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. This crime heist gangster drama was unlike anything the independent film world had seen. Its unconventional style received much attention and produced a new filmmaking maverick. It was 1993 - El mariachi made headlines at the Sundance Film Festival. This rebel filmmaker, claiming the majority of credits behind the camera, made this low-budget feature for under $10K and told wannabe filmmakers of the world that if he could do it, so could they.

It is 2014 - Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez are living legends and show no signs of slowing down. For the past twenty years The Maverick and The Rebel have become masters of their craft. The two recently sat down and chatted with each other on Rodriguez's new show, The Director's Chair. Watch a clip from their Volume One conversation which aired two weeks ago and watch Volume Two on Rodriguez's El Rey Network September 17, 9 ET/PT.

Tarantino is keenly aware of what the audience wants and that's why he's making another western straight off his success with Django Unchained. The Hateful Eight begins filming in early 2015 and if you went to Sin City: A Dame To Kill For, then you may have seen the teaser.

Wire Image | Amanda Edwards

If QT's Live Read of Hateful at the Ace Hotel Los Angeles this spring is any indication of what the film will be then fans are in for an old-school western with mega bloodshed, epic monologues and crazy, unforgettable characters. The cast seems clear for the most part which includes Bruce Dern, Michael Madsen, Tim Roth, Kurt Russell and possibly, Jennifer Lawrence? We'll keep you posted.

Speaking of Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, Frank Miller and Rodriguez made this follow up to Sin City nine years after its release and are already talking about making Sin City 3.Tell us your thoughts on it all in the comment section below and watch some clips from the original.

Perhaps the biggest difference between Tarantino and Rodriguez is their preferred filmmaking format. Tarantino is so passionate about shooting on film he talked at length about it on a Cannes Film Festival panel this year, recently joined a campaign to save Kodak and plans to shoot The Hateful Eight in 70mm CinesmaScope. Rodriguez is a director on the cutting edge of technology and even talked to the A.V. Club about ditching film and shooting digitally.

I love going with the flow of where technology is. I adopted digital really early and green screen really early. I did the first digital 3-D movie. So I'm always trying to use technology to push the envelope with moviemaking so we can re-conceive how it can be done and not just do the same thing and keep pushing it. But it's great. [Holds up cellphone.] This changed a lot of filmmaking. I wrote most of the score on this, on my phone, because I wasn't near my work station. That's usually the last place you get an idea. So to have an idea for a piece of music and score, just being able to record it into here and hum and sing all the different parts--I can go, "Oh, that cello goes there." Technology was really what made it possible to do all these different jobs.

So the big question - when are these two brilliant but very different filmmakers spawned from the same era of Sundance going to work together again. We've got Four Rooms, From Dusk Till Dawn, Sin City, and Grindhouse so what's next? The Hollywood Reporter asked Rodriguez if maybe Tarantino would be interested in adding content to his new El Rey Network and what he'd like to adapt next.

He definitely would. We haven't talked specifics, but he has always wanted to get into TV. I'd love to adapt Spy Kids.