Have you been watching Sundance Channel's mini-series Top of the Lake? If so, remember to tune-in tonight for a special 2 hour finale, starting at 9pm EST. Here's an exclusive clip from tonight's show.

Notice a familiar face? Trainspotting's Peter Mullan (Sweeny), plays a drug-lord looking for his missing 12-year-old daughter. The Scottish actor sat down with the New Zealand Herald to talk about ToTL and his character, Matt Mitcham.

He's a tortured soul ... there's a lot of self-loathing there but on the whole, like any lunatic I've ever met, he doesn't see himself as such. He has more than a few dark nights of the soul, and the power that he wields over people - it's a hands-on power. It's not the gangster from afar whose reputation can do things. He's hands-on. He's sort of guy who thinks 'I haven't beaten up anyone this week so I am an okay guy'.


Mullan's the first to admit he didn't have a pleasant upbringing and got caught up in gang-life as a kid. He quickly realized hurting people wasn't something he wanted to do with his life and he enrolled in school, studying economic history and drama. Once he started acting, he was fully converted.

Acting is the best job in the world because you get to do things with impunity. As an actor, you can do the most horrible things to people. Someone will jump up (from a beating) and say, 'that was great, you were so bloody horrible. Let's do it again. It's such good fun, ridiculously stupid. You come in, say some lines without hitting the furniture, and then you fuck off. But you do have to humble yourself as an actor because you can make such a tit of yourself. You don't want to let anyone down to the point where they think you're shit. Actors are always looking for some kind of validation.

Mullan joked around with the Australian news that he's thankful he was cast in ToTL as a key player and didn't foresee his character being cut like it has been in previous work.

"I was the star of Trainspotting and they just changed the whole thing. I know that sounds hard to believe but that was my movie and that [expletive] McGregor comes along he does his Lust for Life whore acting and they cut me out of the fucking thing.

Whether you believe that or not, he did still make an impression in the cult film, which got him more work and recognition. Watch this Trainspotting clip with Mullan and McGregor when Renton can't make it through the day without one more hit.

Watch the Top of the Lake finale tonight on the Sundance Channel.

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