Two months ago, we posted information on the making of Robert Rodriguez's short film Two Scoops and how you could get involved. Now, the film is complete. Watch the final product and let us know if you were a part of this interactive project.

Original post - April 10, 2013
two scoops girls

Filmmaker Robert Rodriguez is known for his do-it-yourself approach to movies, often handling many of the major aspects of production like editing, shooting, scoring, etc. himself. He's also always stated he wants the viewer to be a part of his filmmaking process. So when Blackberry asked Rodriguez if he would be interested to work them on their 'Keep Moving' project, he immediately jumped at the opportunity. "Their whole thing was about 'keep moving' and using technology to be creative on-the-spot. I said, 'Oh, that sounds like a great fit.'" He then put a message out to his fans after he filmed the short but kept a few scenes unfinished. "I'd like you guys to use your creativity and imagination to help complete them."

Rodriguez created Project Green Screen for the occasion. Project Green Screen's short film is called Two Scoops and he is working with fans to create the finished film.

Two Scoops tells the story of two sisters who serve ice cream by day and slay monsters by night. The stakes for their nighttime adventures rise when their agent assigns them to hunt down the monster that captured their father.

Rodriguez has broken up the opportunities to be involved in three Acts. For Act I, he called on actors to submit a video of themselves to be considered for a speaking role. Unfortunately, Act I is now over but actors can still submit a picture of themselves to be considered for Missing Person posters. For Act II, artists can submit drawings or descriptions of the weapon used to defeat the monster. Deadline for this is today (April 10) so hurry up! Watch Rodriguez give details for this task.

For Act III, starting today, artists can design the monster. Watch the full trailer to get an idea of what he's looking for and click on this link to read further instructions.

This 'just do it' philosophy has been practiced and preached by Rodriguez since he made his first feature, El Mariachi. He continues to practice and preach the belief to budding filmmakers and in his own work like Sin City, Spy Kids and From Dusk Till Dawn. Watch a clip from Spy Kids where Rodriguez acted as Writer, Director, Producer, Editor, Composer, Visual Effects Supervisor, Sound re-recording mixer and camera operator.