Eighteen years ago, we met Vincent Vega. You know... the Royale with cheese lovin', foot massagin, worth of a five dollar milkshake talkin man. Its impossible to imagine anyone other than John Travolta behind those lines, yet, when he was cast, he had most recently portrayed a talking babys dad.

Come to the rescue, Quentin Tarantino; a director credited for more than one actor renaissance in recent years. Tarantino was a huge fan of Travolta and had two movies to pitch to him.

One was the vampire movie From Dusk Till Dawn and the other one was Pulp Fiction. I responded to Pulp Fiction but I didn't respond to From Dusk Till Dawn, and he noticed that. So at the end of the meeting he said, I'm curious. You seem to like the Pulp Fiction one, but you did not respond as much to the other. I said, Well, it's simple, Quentin. I'm just not a vampire guy.

Good thing he was more of a hitman guy so we could watch his Oscar nominated performance and the rebirth of his career. Travolta loved working with Tarantino, so its only natural to wonder if there will be a reunion. Maybe a sequel in the works?

The only thing I can say is there is a big desire for Quentin and I to get together again, whether it's for a sequel or something new. I know there is a push toward it from many angles... So I'm expecting something will be done, I just don't know; it would have to be a prequel, and I don't know if, all these years later, that would make sense. I think that the operative thing would be that Quentin and I would be working together again.

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