In celebration of Quentin Tarantino’s 20 years of filmmaking, we launched a promotional microsite highlighting significant events in his career, including 9 groundbreaking films that have helped define modern cinema. Featuring all-new artwork by Mondo, the site also promoted the release of the Tarantino XX Blu-ray Box Set, released in partnership with Lionsgate [see press release], and the special “One Day Only” screenings of Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction, shown in theaters nationwide on Dec. 4th and 6th through Fathom Events [see press release], designed to build buzz and excitement for the home entertainment release.

The microsite experience is enhanced with Tarantino quotes, film stills, video clips and a few hidden Easter Eggs:
• Click on the “Zed’s Dead” graphic to watch a clip of the scene.
• Click on The Bride’s feet to wiggle her big toe.
• Click on Vernita Green and O-Ren Ishii’s faces to mark them as dead.
• Click on “That’s a Bingo” to watch a clip of the scene.
• Click on the chain link in the blood line to watch the theatrical trailer for Django Unchained.

Key Site Metrics Include:
500K+ Total Visits
36% Conversion Rate – Theatrical Ticket Purchase
4% Conversion Rate – Box Set Purchase

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