As many of you celebrate the culture and heritage of Ireland on this St. Patrick's Day, we'd like to take this opportunity to honor these very talented Irish actors and directors. There just so happens to be many Oscars surrounding these films, perhaps it is the luck of the Irish?


Born in Dublin, actress Brenda Fricker started working in film in her late teens after pursuing a career in journalism. She has appeared in over 30 films and in 1990, won an Oscar for her incredibly moving performance as Christy Brown's mother in My Left Foot. This would be her first and only Oscar and also the first and only Oscar ever won by an Irish actress. The six-time Oscar nominee Irish director, Jim Sheridan helmed this beautiful film and was nominated for Best Director.


Brendan Gleeson began his film acting career at 34. Though he's starred in over 60 films, you may recognize him from the Harry Potter series, Braveheart or two of those being Miramax films Cold Mountain and Gangs of New York. Watch him request a peaceful and democratic resolution as the Monk opposite Daniel Day-Lewis's Bill the Butcher in Gangs.

Irishman Neil Jordan directed the Oscar-winning The Crying Game and his lead actor, Irish born and trained Stephen Rea was also nominated for his performance as Fergus. Watch the trailer for this beautiful, groundbreaking film.


Another Gangs actor representing the great country of Ireland is Liam Neeson. Although the Taken franchise has certainly heightened his celebrity in mainstream households, this Oscar nominated actor's work has been outstanding for decades. Watch him in this Gangs of New York clip where The natives and the Irish meet to do battle for Five Points.


Although Daniel Day-Lewis was born in London, he does have dual citizenship in England and Ireland so we joyfully included him in this St. Patty's Day celebration. Enjoy this Day-Lewis clip gallery showcasing works from Gangs of New York, My Left Foot and a trailer for There Will Be Blood.


And finally, what good is celebrating this occasion without celebrating the one and only Oscar Wilde and his The Importance of Being Earnest starring a bunch of extremely talented British and American actors.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!