Chill Factor

Chill Factor



102 minutes

Most likely to succeed. They're the least likely words you'll find below old yearbook photos of ice cream deliveryman Arlo (Academy Award winner Cuba Gooding, Jr.) and convenience-store clerk Tim (Skeet Ulrich). But now this loose-fitting duo must succeed at any cost. A dying scientist (David Paymer) has plopped into their hand a bioweapon canister code-named Elvis and told them to speed it to a military base. Buckle up, fellas. The same assassins who dealt the scientist his deathblow will do anything to claim Elvis. And if the canister heats up to its 50-degree activation point, Elvis will claim everyone within hundreds of miles. Action. Suspense. Laughs. Ice cream trucks. Runaway skiffs. All are comin' at ya in this exciting and suspenseful buddy thriller fueled by one breakneck principle: chill...or be chilled.