Enemies, A Love Story

Enemies, A Love Story



119 minutes

The Coney Island rides near Herman Broder's home spin dizzily, but it's Herman (Ron Silver) who's spinning out of control. Three women are in his life. And he may end up simultaneously married to each. Deftly co-adapting Isaac Bashevis Singer's novel about Holocaust survivors coping with love and memory in postwar New York, Paul Mazursky helms this acclaimed tale that won him the New York Film Critics Best Director Award. Wed out of gratitude to the peasant (Margaret Sophie Stein) who hid him form the Nazis, Herman carries on a mad affair with a concentration camp survivor (New York Critics Best Supporting Actress choice Lena Olin) and miraculously finds the snappish wife (National Society of Film Critics Best Supporting Actress Award winner Anjelica Huston) he thought had died in the war is very much alive.