The 9th Life of Louis Drax

The 9th Life of Louis Drax



  • 2015


  • 108 minutes


Nine-year-old Louis Drax has survived eight near death experiences, but will he survive his ninth? Louis Drax is accident prone. Not just little accidents. Big, scary, potentially fatal accidents. In fact, he’s had a major accident in each of his eight years. He’s been crushed, poisoned, electrocuted, frozen, broken, and drowned. And yet, for some strange reason, he does not die. Neither his parents nor his psychiatrist seem able to unravel the mystery of Louis. While celebrating his ninth birthday with his mother, Natalie, and father, Peter, Louis has his most serious accident yet. Falling over the edge of a cliff into the ice-cold water below, Louis is dead before he even reaches the hospital. It seems this accident was his last. Or was it? After two hours in the morgue, Louis inexplicably begins to stir. He becomes the patient of celebrated pediatric neurologist, Dr. Allan Pascal, who is determined to uncover the truth of Louis’ bizarre existence. But Dr. Pascal’s growing attraction to Natalie Drax is a complication he was not prepared to deal with. And Peter, who has mysteriously vanished, is a potentially dangerous threat to them all. This is a tale told from inside the brain of a sleeping boy. A tale about a fragile mother, a father cloaked in shadow, and a doctor trying to put the pieces together.