The Hurricane
G 1937 95 minutes


A thrilling romantic drama of the South Seas, THE HURRICANE co-stars Dorothy Lamour and Jon Hall in the beautiful love story of two people seeking to escape the vengeance of a relentless policeman and who are helped by a terrible, destructive hurricane to begin a new life for themselves and their child. The hurricane that fills the screen with awe and terror is supreme spectacle. The film is also a masterly and moving marriage of music and picture. The hauntingly beautiful theme song of THE HURRICANE, "Moon of Manukura," is a world-wide favorite musically depicting the beauty of the South Seas. Hall is seen as a South Sea islander who gets into trouble in a port of call, attempts to escape and accidentally kills a guard in his frenzied desire for freedom and to return to his family. An island administrator pursues him, determined to see that Hall is brought to justice. But fate intervenes and Hall becomes the chief factor in saving lives, including the administrator's wife when a raging hurricane destroys their home island of beautiful Manukura. Terrifying, realistic scenes of the mighty forces of nature are set against the relative calm and beauty of a South Seas paradise.