The Mighty

The Mighty


Release Date

  • 1997


  • 100 minutes




Although burly, slow-paced eight-grader Maxwell Kane is learning disabled, but he nevertheless has a poetic soul, as shown when he meets the bright and brainy Kevin Dillon, crippled by a birth defect. The physically deformed Kevin, who wears leg braces and uses crutches, suffers from Morquio's Syndrome, which causes physical growth to stop after the age of six. Kevin becomes illiterate Max's reading tutor and the two misfits soon become friends, sharing a vision of life as a contemporary Camelot. Though both have problems that label them as outcasts, Kevin and Max discover that by proudly combining their strengths and uniting as one, they can overcome their individual limitations and triumph over any adversity. Through their adventures, they find a friendship providing completeness of self and an unbreakable bond of love.

The Mighty


1999 Golden Globes


  • Best Actress - Supporting Role
  • Best Original Song