In one of our earlier posts, Tarantino's 'Cinematic Bloodbath', we talked about violence in QT's films and featured artist Philip Rhie's infographic on Tarantino deaths.

infographic (2)

Now, IFC published what they think Tarantino's top 10 'gruesome' moments are. Watch these clips and tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

10. Reservoir Dogs - 'The Ear Scene'

9. Pulp Fiction - 'The Gimp'

8. Pulp Fiction - 'Marvin'

7. Jackie Brown - 'Disco Guy?'

6. Kill Bill Vol. 1 - 'Buck'

5. Kill Bill Vol. 1 - 'O-Ren'

4. Kill Bill Vol. 2 - 'Elle's Eyes'

3. Death Proof - 'Crash'

Grind House (Death Proof)The Weinstein Company

2. Inglorious Basterds - 'Bear Jew'

Eli Roth plays Sgt Donny Donowitz in INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS.The Weinstein Company

1. Django Unchained - 'Slaves'

django_mandingo (2)The Weinstein Company

Did your favorite bloody moment make the cut?

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