Sundance 1994: Kevin (who?) Smith screens $27,000 black and white convenience store comedy Clerks, wins filmmaker award, sells it, gets distributed, has instant career.

Sundance 2014: Kevin (Silent Bob, View Askew, Smodcaster) Smith screens cult classic comedy Clerks talks about his career choices since that defining moment 20 years ago and marries a couple that was engaged earlier this year at Smith's Comic-Con panel. Most relevant, however, was when he answered the big question: "Clerks III, what the fuck?"

I was like, 'You know, [referencing The Weinsteins] I'm going to be on the stage talking about Clerks at a midnight screening, it would be awesome to announce Clerks III, so let me know.' And they haven't let me know. I'll say right now we're going to start making the movie April 7. It's either going to be them backing it or somebody else backing it. It's definitely happening, though, for sure.

Those Weinsteins have been there from the beginning and this is how it all went down on a chilly Park City night 20 years ago.

We sit down and he's [Harvey Weinstein] just like, 'Boy, that's a fucking good movie. We're going to take that movie, we're going to put it in a fucking multiplex, put a fucking soundtrack on it and fucking kids are gonna come see it.' And me and Scott [Moiser] were just like, 'Fuckin' A, man.'

So what's Clerks III going to be about, you ask?

Clerks is a movie about being in your 20s, Clerks II is a movie about being in your 30s, and Clerks III is a movie about being middle-aged right on to the end.

There will be plenty of upcoming news to read about Clerks III so until then, we'll leave you with a blurb form this article by Maris Kreizman posted on Vulture, "That One Time I Saw Clerks With My Dad."

Here's what I remember from my experience of sitting next to my father while watching Clerks: "Blow job, blow job, blow job, mean customer, rollerblade hockey, gay slur, big words, blow job, mean customer, intellectual discussion ofThe Empire Strikes Back vs. Return of the Jedi, blow job, big words, offscreen sex in the bathroom, fin." That seems to have been the extent to which my hormone-addled brain was able to process the movie because, while the adventures (or lack thereof) of convenience-store clerk Dante Hicks and video-store clerk Randal didn't involve even one moment of onscreen nudity, it was unrelentingly, grotesquely filthy.

And some clips.

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