Iron Man 3 reigns the box office, posting the second-biggest domestic opening of all time. Next up, there's Guillermo del Toro's The Pacific Rim. Oblivion is still going strong in the theaters. Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods opened in March with great reviews. Man of Steel and Kick-Ass 2 come out next month. In July, Wolverine is back, Red 2 and 300: Rise of an Empire are out in August and this fall brings us Sin City 2: A Dame To Kill For and Thor 2. The comic book and graphic novel franchise does quite well in Hollywood and looking at this aforementioned slate and titles currently in pre-production, it doesn't look to slow down.

The Crow is one of those films currently in pre-production. It is a remake of the 1994 film starring Brandon Lee. While not much information has been released on this remake, it does look like they've cast their lead, Luke Evans.

The Crow is the tale of a young musician Eric Draven who, along with his fiance', is murdered on the eve of their Halloween wedding. Exactly one year after their deaths, Eric is risen from the grave by a mysterious crow to seek out his killers and force them to answer for their crimes. It's a film that entranced audiences and critics alike, featuring Brandon Lee in his final, tragic performance.

Watch Brandon Lee as Eric Draven.

When the original director of The Crow, Alex Proyas found out about the remake, this is what he had to say "That's other people involved with that and I wouldn't even dream of remaking the movie because as far as I'm concerned, that's Brandon Lee's movie and that's why I finished the movie -- in memory of Brandon. That's the only reason I finished it actually."

In 2000 Proyas was interviewed by POP! on Comic Book Resources about adapting the comic book to film and his work on The Crow.

That type of comic book and the "Batman" comics and movies are all heavily influenced by noir films. In the case of The Crow, I was influenced by comic book artists who were being influence by the original filmmakers that I happened to like. So it's sort of coming around in a strange way. But I can't say that I was specifically going for noir sort of conventions in The Crow. It really was more a question on the visual level of trying to be faithful to the comic book, and the comic book was permutated with his noirish thing, but that was inherited from the material.

When asked about finishing the film after the death of Brandon Lee on set, here's what Proyas had to say.

I didn't want to finish it. All I could see was that a very good friend of mine had died in front of me. I was absolutely devastated by that and I didn't care at that stage. It was very hard to see beyond that tragedy, at that time, and see things clearly. But I'm glad that I was convinced to finish the film, and that really came from Brandon's family. If they hadn't wanted to finish the film, I would have been very happy to have walked away from it. In retrospect, I'm glad we did it because it served Brandon's memory well, which is all that I really cared about in that film; that Brandon will be remembered as the great actor that he was, primarily because of The Crow. He really grew through the process of making that film. I knew he was doing good work; and that's exciting to be around when you're working with someone who's confident and coming of age in a way as an actor. He knew that film was going to be something special. He constantly surprised me with what he was doing on the set; there were really some wonderful moments that he achieved.

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