If you didn't get enough Django, Dr. King and Calvin Candie in the theaters then get your Blu-ray copy of the flick just released today. Add it to your Tarantino collection, assuming you have one and if you don't (sigh) then you definitely need to consider adding Tarantino XX to your library. It includes 8 of his films plus 2 bonus discs with over 7 hours of never-before-seen special features. This box set has also been nominated for the Home Media Magazine Awards for the Best Box Art, Best Packaging and Best Catalog Collection.


Also out today are three of Tarantino's hand-picked films packaged in one triple feature presentation under specialty label Rolling Thunder Pictures. Tarantino initially conceived the label with the Weinsteins and at the time said, "It's a film buff's dream to give the theatrical experience to films that might never be seen in this country. We're here to bring back the glory of '70s chopsocky movies, Italian crime films, blaxploitation -- we'll get a spaghetti Western in there eventually."

Watch classic trailers from the RTP triple feature presentation films and get your copy today!




One more bit of QT related news for those of you in the LA area - Tarantino, a band that plays Tarantino inspired music, is playing at the House of Blues LA tonight. Take a look and listen to a few of their songs now.