What do you love most about being on "From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series?"

Madison Davenport: I love the camaraderie between me and my castmates. We have really become a family on the set and I think that chemistry carries through onto the screen.

Which From "Dusk Till Dawn: The Series" cast member is the funniest?

Madison: Ask me to pick my favorite child why don't you?! If I had to choose, I'd say Wilmer. He is so good at finding the comedic side of his character but I also love watching him enjoy the malicious and evil side of Carlos. Most of all, he's just a goof.

What's your favorite line from season 2?

Madison: "Ranger Gonzales, those weapons you made? You're gonna teach me how to use them."

What is the one thing you have in common with Kate?

Madison: We both try to see the best in people, but we don't put up with too much sh**.

Do you like your crossbow from season 2 or the chainsaw from season 1 better?

Madison: Again with Sophie's choice, I like the chainsaw. Gotta love that blood spatter!

"From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series" films in Austin ­ where will fans most likely run in to you when you're not on set?

Madison: At Hopdoddy Burger Bar! You'll probably see the whole cast in there chowing down on burgers, fries and milkshakes.

If you weren't an actor you would be a _________ ?

Madison: Psychopath--just kidding, kind of. I've always wanted to be a lawyer.

How does working with Robert Rodriquez in Austin differ from experiences on other "Hollywood" projects?

Madison: Robert has a style unlike any other director out there, on and off set. On set he will bring his guitar and amp system and we will sit there jamming in between scenes. That's what I love about Robert's style, he is involved in every aspect of the filming: directing, editing and even writing the music. A lot of times on the weekends we will all go to Robert's house and have a pizza and karaoke party. He makes us all feel like we are a part of the Rodriguez family.

What's one thing about yourself that fans will be surprised to hear?

Madison: I play the guitar and I sing.

Have there been any earlier role(s) you've had that might have helped you prepare for your character on "From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series?"

Madison: No! Kate is so different from any other character that I've played. I didn't go into season one with any expectations or premeditated ideas of how Kate would change throughout the season. Because of that I was able to grow and evolve with Kate.

What's your favorite Miramax movie?

Madison: Kill Bill Volume 1 & Kill Bill Volume 2. Bridget Jones's Diary is a close second.