Historically, both Friday the 13th and Valentine's Day have cryptic origins. The former holds many theories as to why the date has such a bad rep including biblical stories about Adam and Eve and some forbidden fruit. The latter, although a commercial vehicle for consumerism, exists with good intentions. According to the History Channel, one theory states that the holiday was formed after St. Valentine was sentenced to death for performing secret marriages. Apparently, the Emperor Claudius II banned young Roman men from getting married because he believed single men made better soldiers. But St. Valentine believed in love and love conquers all, doesn't it?

Centuries later, the evolution of both holidays has brought the masses to these conclusions...Friday the 13th is unlucky and scary and Valentine's Day is for lovers which results in dinner dates, mushy cards and red roses. So for those of you searching for horror or romance and perhaps plan to combine the two, here are an abundance of clips to view and share before you get your freak on.

To quote Will in Shakespeare in Love, "Like a sickness and a cure together," let's celebrate this Friday the 13th Valentine's Day weekend.