eiza big

It's a big night for From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series. Remember that one dance from the film?

Well tonight, a new Santanico's in town and she's got all the moves and then some. You'll have to tune in to the El Rey Network at 9pm to watch the Titty Twister extravaganza which includes that famous dance and the Fuller Family and Gecko Brothers facing off against the evil that surrounds them.


The new smart, strong, and sexy Santanico is played by the lovely Eiza González. She talked to toofab about doing that scene made famous by Salma Hayek and working with Robert Rodriguez.

There were 1,000 feelings; excitement, nervousness, excitement again. It was just mind blowing when I started doing it. I was just focused on doing the best I could and not letting bigger monsters in my head.

I thought it was going to be terrifying but it worked beautifully. Obviously it was hard, it's not easy to feel the scales going around the body, across my legs and up my booty. But I love the direction of Robert. It could be vulgar, but he's so tasteful, it's sexy.

Get familiar with the new Santanico in the preview below and check back tomorrow for a side by side comparison of the two snake-charming ladies, then and now.