So, when you think of vampires you probably think of Nosferatu, Dracula, Brad Pitt/Tom Cruise, Eric Northman/Bill Compton, Edward Cullen, Blakula, and obviously...

These bloodsuckers generally look the same and display fairly predictable behavior patterns. Well, Robert Rodriguez thought it was time to change things up and hired special effects guru, Greg Nicotero to help redesign his From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series vamps. Nicotero's been working on major Hollywood films and TV series for over 30 years, including many of Tarantino and Rodriguez's films and The Walking Dead. Check out his full list of credits here and read what he has to say about working on the new Dusk series.

There's a lot of vampire shows that popped up on television recently, so I think Robert [Rodriguez] and Carlos Coto [Executive Producer/Writer] really had a great eye for making these creatures look different. In the original movie, there wasn't really necessarily one sort of through line in terms of the designs of the vampires. You get a sense when you watch the movie that there's a bit of that Aztec mythology starts to creep in with Salma [Hayek]'s snake dance, and then you see the big reveal at the end of the movie of the Titty Twister being built on top of the temple. So there's an interesting backstory that they've expanded upon in the TV show. We've gone a lot more with this mythological approach to the vampires.

Are they vampires? Are they cousins of vampires? Are they vampire-snakes?

I love the snake aspect of it, and we really wanted to try to make them feel fresh in terms of the look; in terms of patterning of the snakeskin, and in terms of the paint jobs and the color schemes. We went very bold with them. Even using the sort of rattlesnake design for the fangs where they have that really clear, translucent-looking fangs and gums and not a lot of teeth. We just really bucked the trend with every design choice, because we just wanted them to feel different.

Rodriguez and friends aren't the only ones that wanted to tell a new fangy story. The creators of the indie gem, Eagle vs. Shark made a hilarious film that premiered at this year's Sundance Film Festival, called, What We Do in the Shadows. Reality show about vampires? Yes!

See, vampires are still cool. Watch From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series every Tuesday night at 9pm on the El Rey Network and stay tuned for release dates for What We Do in the Shadows. Now we want to hear from you...


Greg Nicotero article via Zap2it