This year marks the 15th anniversary of Good Will Hunting. To celebrate this milestone, we're releasing a special edition of the film on Blu-ray, which will be available on August 21st. Until then, we'll be publishing some of the most memorable clips and photos from Gus Van Sant's seminal film, beginning with the video below.

In this scene, Will (Matt Damon) and Sean (Robin Williams) share a rare moment of laughter while discussing their respective philosophies on love. Their exchange is brief, but dense with subtext, as the two trade two very different jokes about women. Will's is crude and, as Sean pointedly observes, based on fantasy. In return, he offers a more poignant, personal anecdote about his wife's nighttime flatulence, using it to underscore his larger point about intimacy and imperfection. But by the end of their conversation, Will brilliantly turns Sean's own argument against him, leaving his therapist speechless and reinforcing the combative, yet paternal nature of their relationship.