If anyone knows getting older is nothing to freak out about, it's Ben Affleck. In the years following his ascent to fame with Good Will Hunting, the actor, writer, director, producer, husband and father has not only become one of Hollywood's hottest leading men but is also an A-list director that recently won an Oscar for producing the Best Picture winner, Argo. All of this from the Boston-raised kid actor that aspired to be, well exactly where he is today. So, Happy Birthday, Ben! How ya feelin'?

In the last 20 years, he's starred in 40 feature films, directed three, won two Oscars and launched a TV series. Currently there's discussion to direct another Bostonian film with his longtime buddy Matt Damon in a biopic about Whitey Bulger and both Southies just reunited for a new season of the reality show, Project Greenlight. This fall he will be in front of the camera in Gone Girl and possibly the most talked about project on deck, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - Affleck is Batman aka Batfleck.

So as we celebrate this special day and his incredible career, please write in your birthday wishes to Ben in the comments section below, and take an extended look at Affleck's finest moments from the films referenced in our 'Affleck Yelling' video which include Chasing Amy, Reindeer Games, Good Will Hunting, Bounce, Shakespeare in Love, Extract, Jersey Girl, and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.