In the mid 90's, Matt Damon decided to write his way into Hollywood. After attending Harvard and taking bit parts in films, he wanted to create memorable characters for himself and his friends that represented their hometown. Working off of one his Harvard playwriting course assignments, Damon and friend Ben Affleck co-wrote, Good Will Hunting.

The film was nominated for nine Oscars, winning two. Robin Williams won Best Supporting Actor and Damon and Affleck took home the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay. Since then, Damon's become one of the busiest leading men in Hollywood. Today, we celebrate his amazing work on-screen and applaud his activism surrounding his organization that he co-founded, . But what we really love is that winning smile - it's infectious. Watch this mashup of Damon in the films, Good Will Hunting, The Brothers Grimm, Rounders and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, as he laughs off getting another year older and wish him a very 'Happy Birthday' in the comments section below.