Last year, we explored the Tarantino Universe and all it's potential interconnections: Vince Vega (Pulp Fiction) and Vic Vega (Reservoir Dogs) are brothers, Seymour Scagnetti is Mr. Blonde's parole officer in Dogs and the cop in Natural Born Killers, the suitcase in Dogs is the same suitcase in Pulp, and Uma Thurman's character in Pulp plays a knife specialist on a TV pilot, then goes on to play The Bride in Kill Bill -- a knife expert.

Now Redditor thefirerisesnolan has discovered two links between Django Unchained and Pulp Fiction.

Theory 1 (paraphrased by The Huffington Post):

Django Unchained references a character named Crazy Craig Coons [sic] (his name is spotted on a wanted poster); Coons [sic] is also the last name of Christopher Walken's character in Pulp Fiction, the captain who visits young Butch to return his father's war watch.

Theory 2:

Dr. King Schultz says he quit dentistry 5 years ago to become a bounty hunter, but it isn't mentioned why. The obvious answer, however, is that his wife, Paula, left him, and he was so devastated that he took up a profession he would never think about otherwise, the profession that would ultimately lead to his death in 1859. His former wife slowly realizes her mistake in leaving Dr. King, and after 6 years apart, seeks him out, only to find he's been killed at the hands of Calvin Candie. Devastated, faulting herself, she never remarries, keeping her ex-husbands name, and finally dies, alone, in 1893, when she is buried in the Lonely Grave of Paula Schultz, the same grave Beatrix Kiddo will escape from more than 100 years later.

In a recent interview, Tarantino only acknowledges one connection in Django, though he can't quite remember what it was. Watch the interview below and let us know what you think about these theories in the comment section.

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