Twenty years ago Jane Campion directed Holly Hunter in the Oscar winning film The Piano. Now they've reunited for a new TV series Campion penned and directed for the Sundance Channel called Top of the Lake.

Twelve years old and five months pregnant, Tui Mitcham suddenly disappears from her remote mountain town. Detective Robin Griffin returns home to investigate, but every step closer to solving the case unearths a dangerous truth about her past.

Campion spoke to The Daily Beast about the new project and working with Hunter again.

For both of us, The Piano was seminal, fairly important for both of our careers, and we really had a good time on it as well. We do work like sisters. We don't have any method. We just figure it out. We go, 'What the f--k do we do here?' We strategize. To see Holly Hunter dance is to understand how talented she is. She's spookily curious. She's from the South, and they seem to have Gothic rhythms, and the ghosts have gotten to them. They can come up with and find energies that you don't realize anyone's got a finger on.

Hunter shared the same opinion working with Campion.

It was just kind of effortless. She's such an intimate person and so much fun; she brings a goofiness to making movies. She did with The Piano, too. But this one, in a way, I think, she was having a slightly more gleeful time. I know it's hard to believe, because the subject matter is so dark, but Jane really loves making movies; it's playtime for her.

Like The Piano, Top of the Lake takes place somewhere near the edge of the world, according to Campian in an article in The New Zealand Herald.

It's more about a community at the end of the line, at the edge of things. People who have chosen to live as far away from the centre as they can... and often they do it because they are in love in the landscape.

Tune in to The Sundance Channel to watch Top of the Lake this Monday, March 18th at 9:00 PM ET for the two hour premier and revisit The Piano this weekend to see Campion and Hunter's work together twenty years ago.

The Piano is available on DVD, Blu-ray and Digital Download.