This week, Entertainment Weekly published its list of the "50 Best Movies You've Never Seen." Compiled and curated with input from stars like Kate Beckinsale and Ryan Gosling, EW's rundown covers a plethora of gems that have come out over the past 20 years, including Massy Tadjedin's Last Night.

Here's how EW described the film:

Keira Knightley and Sam Worthington play a New York couple who, over the course of one night, face temptation -- she with an old flame who might be her soul mate (Guillaume Canet) and he with a colleague (Eva Mendes). The story is mature, the direction (by Massy Tadjedin) expert, and the acting superb. Knightley's final scene just might leave you gutted.

You can find the full list in this week's Entertainment Weekly, available now on newsstands and iTunes.